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Different people have different beliefs related to Istikhara. Some are of the view that when reciting Istikhara dua before sleeping, prior to an important event in their life or if they are confused in taking a decision and seeking Allah’s guidance, Allah gives them special indications in their dreams that help them to take a wise decision. On the other hand, there are some people who believe that when they read Isitikhara dua, Allah turns the decision, they are about to take, in their favour. Either way, almost every Muslim believe in Istikhara and consider it an important aspect prior to taking a decision that holds utmost importance for them.
There are plenty of aalims you may find around you who are willing to give authentic information on Itikhara, how it is done, and various other details. However, not all of them are trustworthy. It is hard to find an aalimwho is not only reliable but can be trusted for authentic information as well. With Online Istikharas, you can rest assured that all the information you will find here is nothing but authentic. All the information related to different matters you will find on this website is compiled from authentic sources.
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